Sioux Chief Introduces  TrapShield™TS

When an effective and economical solution is needed to prevent the evaporation of trap seal protection, Sioux Chief has you covered.


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A2 minimalist tub

New A² ‘Minimalist’ Tubs and Tub-Showers

a2 minimalist tubThe new Aquatic A² Minimalist tubs & tub-showers create a casually sophisticated feel that works beautifully with any décor. A minimalist bathing well gives these models a modern touch, and a clean one-piece flat front skirt that offers improved structure and rigidity.

Download the A² Minimalist Flyer


VizCo Announcement

Paramount Adds VizCo Water Heater Pans to Line Up!


Paramount Sales is happy to announce the addition of VizCo Water Heater Pans & Alarms to our growing line of premier manufacturers’. Check out the manufacturer page for additional information…or call Paramount Sales to find out more.